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Like many of you I am a parent with a mortgage. I am a lawyer with post graduate qualifications from Monash and Melbourne Universities and have donated my legal skills to a football tribunal and organisations addressing homelessness and environmental protection. I see much to be grateful for in Kew but there are issues in the electorate and across the state that we can and must improve on.

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I am the Labor candidate for the seat of Hawthorn. My focus is on improving education, health, the environment, public transport and planning outcomes for our community. At the State Election in November of this year, you will have a clear choice between Denis Napthine’s Liberal Government and the Labor alternative.

Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals TAFE has been gutted, our ambulance system is in crisis and our schools are falling apart. Only Labor will ensure an end to Denis Napthine’s war on our paramedics and ensure our kids can get a first class education in a first rate classroom.

Only Labor will put people first.

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